Youth Leadership

Y-Adventure can deliver an adventure leadership programme where students will experience, learn and develop their ability to work effectively together and lead others. Problem solving, evaluating their behaviours and looking at the effects their own and others behaviours are all outcomes of these programmes.

Y-Adventure have a specific Adventure Day programme for years 6-8, and a variety of possibilities for years 11,12 and 13. This could be a concentrated three-hour session, a full school day or a weekly session running over the school term. Group size can be up to a full class, all materials are provided by us.

Contact us, and we will plan a leadership programme to suit the needs and level of your students.

Duke of Edinburgh Hillary Award

YMCA is an Accredited Adventure Provider for The Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award Adventurous Journey Training, Practice and Final journeys. YMCA offers the Adventurous Journey components for secondary school students for bronze, silver and gold awards